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No soup for you! Content creators and owners left starving for concrete measures to protect rights on the internet

Empty Bowl - by PashaIgnatov @ iStockphotoIn an update to our post here, we inform our readers that Congressman Walter Feldman has requested the withdrawal of the so-called Brazilian SOPA bill, which will no longer be voted, at least not for the time being. Continue reading


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The Brazilian SOPA: Content Creators and Owners Have Not Been Forgotten

Earlier this week a bill (PL 3336/2012) was proposed by Congressman Walter Feldman from PSDB aiming to curb the widespread violation of copyright on the Internet.

The Bill was clearly inspired by similar legislative efforts in other countries and provides for the blockage of internet sites which are declared to be a “infringer web site” meaning a “website directed to Brazil whose operator or owner is committing or aiding copyright violations under the local legislation”. According to the bill, the entity that will decide whether or not a site infringes upon third parties rights is National authority responsible for the registration of domain names and the allocation of IP addresses in Brazil, “Núcleo de Informações e Coordenação do .br” (NIC.Br). Continue reading

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