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Antitrust Authority Decision Practically Destroys the Current System of Collection of Public Performance Rights of Music In Brazil

A big question mark?

This is what was left of the current system of collection of public performance rights of music in Brazil after a decision from CADE the Administrative Council for Economic Defense yesterday.

The decision was motivated by a complaint from ABTA, the Association of Television under the subscription model and concluded that the associations which form ECAD, the Brazilian Public Performance Collecting Rights Society, act in a concerted manner to fix the rates of royalties for public performance collected by the Association. ECAD and the Associations which are part of ECAD were fined in a total of approximately 19 million dollars.

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YouTube, blogs, ECAD, streaming and public performance in Brazil. What a mess!

illustration by Jimmy McManisLast week, a debate has grown after blog Caligraffiti complained about invoices for public performance fees for embedding Youtube videos sent by ECAD, the Central Office for Collection and Distribution of Public Performance Rights in Brazil.

The debate has motivated a dedicated post at Forbes online where the charges were considered a scandal. The column, written by Forbes’ contributor Ricardo Geromel, considered that “astonishingly, according to absurd copyright laws in Brazil, the Central Bureau of Collection and Distribution is surprisingly correct in doing so”.

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