Rodrigo Borges Carneiro

I am a lawyer (still reading?) with a strong practice in IP specially trademarks and copyright law which in Brazil was and to some degree still is an odd subject rarely taught in law school.

My solid knowledge of IP was acquired mainly on the fly during the last 17 years while working first as a trainee then lawyer and finally partner at the law firm Dannemann Siemsen Advogados and complemented by my studies at John Marshall law School in Chicago and King´s College London.

Copyright law was from the beginning a fascinating subject for me and as I result of my involvement in this area I had the chance of following the debates which led to the approval of the current Brazilian copyright law in 1998.

Later I became responsible for the copyright registration area in our firm and also began working closely in several projects in the entertainment area dealing with the still ongoing transition of the music industry from the cd golden age to the online world,  movie production, rights clearance and helping clients fend off spurious copyright claims and close deals.

Aside my practice of law, I enjoy a good glass of wine with friends, jazz and classic rock and roll and the company of my two children and wife, not necessarily in that order.


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